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Movie: Pride & Prejudice || Lizzy reads

polkadotsnplaid in alana_delagarza


I'm kind of addicted to starting communities for my favorite actors and/or TV characters. Seeing as how I run johnjmccoy for Sam Waterston/Jack McCoy, mike_logan_3728 for Chris Noth/Mike Logan and co-run linusroache for Linus Roache, I figured that I'd make a community to celebrate the very talented Alana De La Garza as well.

Here it is!

Consider this an introduction post -- I'll keep it linked at the top of the community and as you join, feel free to leave a comment telling us a little about yourself/what you like about Alana, etc.

I'm polkadotsnplaid, as you already know. I'm your maintainer/moderator, and I first came across Ms. De La Garza (as I'm sure many of you first did) in her role as Connie Rubirosa in Law & Order, which is my absolute, all-time favorite show. I think she's definitely helped (along with the current cast) really revitalize the franchise, and I can't wait to see more of the works that she's been in! As a Latina myself, I was very excited to see her cast as Rubirosa and dorky as it may sound, she is totally a role-model!

Again, thanks for stopping by the community - please feel free to join and leave your own introduction here on this thread.